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The MISSION of the PRINT DRIVES AMERICA Foundation is to give PRINT a stronger voice and drive home the message that PRINT is the preferred choice when measuring the effectiveness and ROI of communication media.

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“Print Drives America” Quickly Gains Momentum And Beats Expectations

New York, July 22, 2018……The Printing Industries Alliance launched its Print Drives America initiative just 10 months ago at a press conference at PRINT 17 in Chicago. The Print Drives America Foundation has driven its message via an ambitious PR Campaign and speaking engagements that have crisscrossed the marketplace. Our message of PRINT being the […]

Successfully positioning print for the newspaper industry

I have to start by setting the stage. There a few things that even the astute members of this audience may not know. The size of print is enormous. It is by far larger than social media, mobile, etc. And it is larger than all other communication media combined. I am going to first, briefly […]

How Print Plays in the Media Sandbox?

This presentation topic gives a clear overview of all forms of media and explains their interdependence on each other. It details which media is best for each marketing task; awareness, information, closing the sale, etc. It establishes what role is played by print in each of its forms, broadcast, “new” media, OOH, etc.

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