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PIA’s Marty Maloney to be the Keynote Speaker for the New York Press Association Annual Spring Event

New York, March 27th, 2018…… The New York Press Association has announced that Marty Maloney will be the Keynote Speaker for their Annual Spring Conference on April 13th, 2018 which will be held at the Albany Hilton.

The New York Press Association was founded in 1853 and includes all newspapers from the largest city dailies to the smallest local newspapers. This spring event is usually the largest newspaper event in the country and attracts the largest number of newspaper executives.

Marty Maloney is the Executive Vice President of Printing Industries Alliance and Executive Director of Print Drives America as well as Founder of global marketing firm Broadford & Maloney Inc. and a marketing and media professor in NYU’s graduate school.

Maloney has had speaking engagements around the country on behalf of the Print Drives America Foundation; which is a national advocacy initiative to meaningfully increase the market share of print, give it a stronger voice and show that print is the largest communications media of all, larger than broadcast and the internet and larger than all other media combined.

Maloney will be telling the newspaper executives about print as a whole and where newspapers fit. He will also give newspapers a unique opportunity to present themselves very favorably against social media.

Marty Maloney stated that “We are very pleased with the rapid acceptance of the Print Drives America initiative. We need to give print a stronger voice to communicate print’s attractive features that create a strong consumer preference for print, to demonstrate its amazing ROI, and to advance print’s leadership position. We will make print attractive to all, erase the misinformation about print and greatly enhance print’s positive perception.  Print today is an increasingly high-tech industry that produces collateral materials, newspapers, magazines, books, direct mail, catalogs, labels, packaging, out-of-home media, signage and scores of other print categories. Print in the aggregate makes print the largest communications media of all.  Our initial goal will be to increase the perception of print as well as to meaningfully increase print’s market share “.

Marty Maloney further commented, ‘’we need to compare our industry against other communication media and let companies know that print is the number one communication media and in fact larger than all other communication media combined.  We need to continually educate the marketplace on the effective use of print. We will increase the market share of print and keep it top-of-mind. We will reset the print mindset and educate those who make print decisions including; chief marketing officers, advertising and marketing executives and everyday buyers of printing and advertising.”

About Marty Maloney

Maloney has a unique set of skills. Printing, marketing, and academics have always been at the core of his career. He was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of two NYSE listed companies and later was elected to the board of directors of a multi-billion dollar company. Marty’s marketing and PR agency was the largest agency serving the graphic arts industry for more than thirty years. He was a founder of The Print Council and its first Executive Director. Marty has taught marketing, media and business at NYU’s graduate school for more than a decade.

About Print Drives America

The Print Drives America Foundation is registered as a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) charitable organization. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible. Funds for the Foundation’s marketing and PR efforts are raised without regard to geographic limitations. Contributions can be accepted in any amount and frequency. Suggestions will be made by using annual sales as a guideline. Contributors do not need to be PIA members. Please contact Marty Maloney for further information and how to become a founding member at or 203 912 0804.

About Printing Industries Alliance

The New York centric Printing Industries Alliance (PIA) geographic footprint is the most important print market in the U.S. with more Fortune 500 companies than any other state or region and includes the financial, marketing, media, real estate, and cultural centers of the nation and is one of the world’s largest population centers. It represents the graphic communications industry in all of New York State, the northern half of New Jersey and northwestern Pennsylvania.

In addition to print advocacy and education, the PIA provides its members with a variety of consultative, informational and cost-saving services.  The PIA is headquartered in Amherst, NY with a NYC office in Park Slope, Brooklyn.