Positioning Papers

How Print Plays in the Media Sandbox?

This presentation topic gives a clear overview of all forms of media and explains their interdependence on each other. It details which media is best for each marketing task; awareness, information, closing the sale, etc.

It establishes what role is played by print in each of its forms, broadcast, “new” media, OOH, etc.

The presentation gives real examples of how one media can be used to drive other media. One unique and successful example that continued for ten years was the use of weekly national radio campaigns to support millions of printed FSIs that were inserted into newspapers across the country.

The proper matching of media to geographic, demographic and psychographic information is detailed as absolutely necessary for a media plan to work.

It also reviews what combinations of media work best and how media is correctly measured or not. It is believed that no two companies can use the same media plan and no single company can use the same media plan two years in a row. Media plans are truly unique.

It continues to explain how many media are too few and how many are too many.

The takeaway is a clear understanding of integrated marketing, where print fits and the importance of good media choices.